Anthony Nolan is a third sector organisation within the Life Sciences sector "that makes lifesaving connections between patients in need and incredible strangers ready to donate their stem cells."      
For this consultancy project, I delivered a strategic spatial and operations proposal for Anthony Nolan's laboratory sites in London and Nottingham. The key aim for this project was to harness scientific real-estate and spatial opportunities that align to their ambitious five year strategy: Uniting people and science.
Let me show you how I got to this...                  
The scientists at Anthony Nolan analyse patient and donor HLA using next-generational sequencing (NGS). This process involves fragmenting DNA to define a person's HLA type. From this, they can determine potential donors as a match for patients who are in need of a transplant.
Here, I tracked scientist movement in the first stage of sample processing to see how the space supported the processes, but most importantly, the people delivering their clinical services. 
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