I believe in developing strategies and designing spaces that give glory to the array of human experiences.
Ultimately, I am mostly concerned with making the experience of 'things' better for people.

Intrigued by the intersection of language/communication, movement + space.
Slightly obsessed with human behaviour,  interaction + experiencequotidian life,  circulation spaces, mapping,  instruction design/infographics,  wayfinding  and  extruding things.

Educational background:  Foundation Diploma Art + Design; BA Visual Communication (1st); 
MA Interior + Spatial Design (Distinction)

I have a particular interest in Public/Social, Healthcare, Life Science, Education and Transport sectors. I am passionate about delivering good for society and connecting human beings.
A 3D digital extrusion of a simple self-portrait. I drew my hair in a ponytail and myself wearing a puffer jacket (something you will often find me in). Inflating the drawing like a digital balloon, I chose a black plastic-looking material to wrap the inflation - to me, it looks like the material of a black bin liner. For the composition, I laid myself down in this rigid stance to be a bit playful with the composition and presentation.
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