Hello! I'm Annie,
I have an interest in creating work which combines digital design with hand made process such as book binding, I also like to incorporate physical outcomes into my project by making models and sculptures. In my practice I particularly enjoy spatial, editorial, typographic and product design as well as photography, but I am always looking for and open to new practice, process and mediums. In projects I often explore the subject of architectural and spatial design particularly in the urban setting/landscape, whilst also having a concern for social issues within Britain for example the current housing crisis. 
After completing my degree in 2019 and obtaining a First Class Honours, I went on to work for a year to gain some experience in desired fields. Always interested in spatial and architectural design I decided to apply for the Masters Degree in Interior and Spatial Design at UAL, which I am currently undertaking. 
I am truly eager and excited to see where the next year is going to take me, within and beyond my MA...
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